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Supporting Senior Joana Hubickey at her Tide Talk

Februray 28th, 2014, UA News article

joana tide talks



Collecting Wild Alabama Fruit Flies, January 2014

andrey collecting flies

cigdem collecting flies

IDMCC October 2013

Another Fruit Fly Cake 2013

fruit fly cake

UA Undergraduate Research Conference 2013

ashley poster

ali poster

jordyn poster

sean gives talk

christie poster

nick poster

leah poster





Drosophila Research Conference

Washington, DC 2013



Fruit Fly Cake

fruitfly cake 2


Lab Group December 2012

lab group 2012


UA Undergraduate Research Conference 2012

Fat Flies Reveal Obesity Clues (UA Research Magazine, 1/5/2012)

UA researcher's fruit flies offer clues to human obesity (The Birmingham News, 12/26/2011)