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Meeting Summary

Video for first portion of the meeting

The first meeting on October 12 and 13th, 2013 of the International Drosophila Metabolomics Curation Consortium was productive and exciting. 15 researchers were physically present and at least 13 participants joined the discussion virtually. We had summaries s of current metabolomics research projects as well as insightful presentations of some software and web-based tools for curation and analysis of metabolomics data and discussion of technologies and standardization strategies. We discussed some possible mechanisms for funding our ongoing collaboration, what resources would be most useful to the Drosophila community, how to possibly integrate the data with FlyBase and other databases, and how to maintain our dialog.

- The "Standard" Fly

o We decided to create two "standard" fly samples to be run in all Drosophila metabolomics experiments for the near term. This will allow us to compared results across labs.

o The two stocks are freshly ordered from the Bloomington Stock Center and are CantonS (#1) and OregonR-modEncode (stock # 25211).

o Samples will be raised in bulk in the Reed lab under controlled conditions and snap frozen. Those frozen samples will be freely available to anybody who would like them.

o We recommend that these same two stocks be included as parallel biological controls in all experiments you run in your own labs. Please order these stocks directly from the Bloomington Stock Center for the time being.

- Interim leadership team

o Laura Reed (lreed1(at)

o Thomas Merritt (tmerritt(at)

o Daniel Promislow (promislo(at)

o Julian Dow (Julian.Dow(at)

o Please address any comments or questions to all of us.

- Communication

o Future group communications are going to be transferred to a listserv dialog, you will receive a welcome email as soon as the list is available.

o will also continue to be a source of information.

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